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How many people needed to run a wedding?

This is probably one of the questions I have been asked many times, especially by couples with more than 100 people wedding guests. This same question can also be a deal breaker in most cases. Why is it a deal breaker? Some couple prefer to have more people on stand by because they believe that the event will run smoothly with many people that is working. Is this correct? Not necessarily, and I will explain to you why.

Truthfully, I don't think there is a wedding company in the island with an actual 10 people working for them permanently. When a planner told you that there will be 6 - 10 people in their team, most likely you can read it as 2 - 4 main wedding people and the rest are daily workers or freelancers. How do I know this? Because I worked and helped other planners before and this is what they do.

There is nothing wrong in taking freelancers or daily workers but from my own past experiences, it is actually harder to have this many people working on the day because the main wedding planners will have to instruct them all the time. Most likely, only 2 of the extra workers actually doing a lot of work on the day itself.

Destination Wedding Bali(DWB) have a team of three people. Why only 3 people? Here are some Q&A to help you understand the reasons.

Q: do you really need that many people in a wedding team?

A: not really as long as your little team have a lot of experiences and know what they are doing

Q: if we need a specific job to be done, can you add more people?

A: depending on what kind of role do you need this person for. We can add freelancers to do a specific job if we think that is really needed or if the bride or groom thinks that it's a must.

For example, in one wedding that the mother of the bride asked for an assistant. We hired one person dedicated to the mother and her only job is to assist the mom.

Q: how do you deal with all the vendors with only 3 people?

A: on the day itself, all vendors have their own supervisor/manager in-charge for each wedding so since all arrangements and details already been done before the wedding, the main duty of the wedding planner on the day, is to make sure that everything came out as planned. This is why we don't need a lot of people running around because all been pre-arranged so we only need to check and run the event.

I'm not trying to make anyone else look bad (please don't be offended, fellow planners 😁).

This post is simply to answer one of the most asked questions to why DWB only have a small team.



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